Wednesday, April 18, 2012

La Sera Interview-Sees The Light

One of the early highlights of my time at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas last month was the opportunity to interview Katy Goodman of La Sera.

Katy has been known on the music scene for a while now as an integral member of The Vivian Girls.

Now fronting a band where she is the central figure and sole songwriter, La Sera delivers a sweet pop sound that rocks hard around the edges, while presenting lyrical themes of relationships that have run their course.

I asked Katy a number of questions directly relating to her latest album "Sees The Light"



The official hardly art “Please Be My Third Eye” video

Katy was sweet and accomodating - a pleasure to interview.

"Sees The Light" is a wonderful pop album and a welcome addition to your summertime playlists


Anonymous said...

Great one Dave! I really liked the interview and the music video.

Patricia Mena said...

This is very good Dave, great interview, She has a lovely voice and looks so sweet, cool song. Love the photo at the end.

DaveCromwell said...

Yeah, this interview and show was a fun way to start my first full day of that crazy chaotic week that was sxsw. The album is great and the band really rocks too!

Ivanka said...

ooh this is nice! absolutely great interview!
Katy is lovely :) and her tattoos.... aaaa I love it :)
the music video is also cool.
and I guess I didn't tell ya before but I like your voice :)

William said...

A really researched interview- Perfect for fans of the artists as I think you really get more in depth about the music than many others (cough cough... pitchfork). I like your interview style too- much less annoying than that John Norris guy

DaveCromwell said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, peeps. Yeah, I'm always disappointed with features or interviews that are poorly researched - where they ask the same generic questions.

I'm happy my voice is "liked" too ;-)

I agree that Katy has got some pretty interesting tats there. That video for "Please Be My Third Eye" is a lot of fun!

Mr Smork said...

cool music vid. was fun watching it.
and informative, in dept, about serious things interview.

Andy Von Pip said...

Great stuff DC, I love Katy's latest album. In fact I played one of the tracks when the BBC invited me in on Toms Robinson's show You can hear it below :)

If you aint heard the album you should do it's fantastic !

DaveCromwell said...

Ah, "I Can't Keep You On My Mind" is what you played, Andy. I love that track. I brought it up in the interview. Like you say, the whole album is great.

Davey said...

You getting too lazy to write? Just kidding. Love the video interview Dave...lets you really get a feel for the music and the feeling behind it by hearing her answers and not just reading them. Definitely a CD I will add to my list of future purchases. is actually offering a free download of the song Please Be My Third Eye.

Keep the great interviews coming my friend. And as always...looking good in the picture with Katy.

DaveCromwell said...

I will do just a video interview from time-to-time, Davey. And for just the reasons you say. Hearing the answers directly from the artist.

The song "Break My Heart" was made available as a free download as well. But definitely pick up the whole album! It really flows seamlessly from one track to the next. Makes a great going into the summer soundtrack.