Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dead Leaf Echo - Tour & Chapterhouse Support

Dead Leaf Echo embark on East Coast Tour

Opens for Chapterhouse on October 3rd

Roll out latest release

It is an exciting time at the moment for Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo. In addition to a select placement of CMJ shows (including a Deli Showcase) and a trip up to Boston in November, the band find themselves supporting the much ballyhooed reunited Chapterhouse at their Bell House show on Sunday, October 3rd. All of this ties in perfectly with the October 12 release of their latest recording “Truth.” This 7 song follow up to their debut “Pale Fire” boast the mixing talents of noted studio guru John Fryer. The single "Half-Truth" weaves together luxuriant keyboard textures, three-quarter time guitar arpeggios and marching band rat-a-tat snare drum as accompaniment for LG’s relaxed vocals. "Pale Fire" is over seven minutes of atmospheric guitars, distinct percussive momentum, cathedral inspired vocal harmonies and dramatic build-ups. With all that's currently happening around this band, it appears Dead Leaf Echo plans on taking things to the next level.




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Monday, September 6, 2010

Oliver Ackermann APTBS Interview

On Saturday August 28, 2010 I had the privilege of sitting down with Oliver Ackermann to discuss a myriad of topic. For the uninitiated, Mr. Ackermann is the prime musical force of the band A Place To Bury Strangers. In addition to his prowess in that department he is also the founder of his own effects pedal company, Death By Audio. Completing this unholy trinity is the Brooklyn, New York music venue by the same name.

Ackermann live at Death By Audio, August 19, 2010

What follows here is a video interview series that delves into the mind of Mr. Ackermann (and later on, the band's bassplayer Dion Lunadon). Additionally, photos were taken throughout this day (and lovingly displayed) as well as the show frequently referenced to in the interview - APTBS live at DBA on August 19, 2010.

The luxurious living accomodations for Mr. Ackermann

Carefully arranged and catalogued album collection

A workbench to make your dad proud

Each one hand made to exacting specifications

They don't stay on the shelf very long

Shipped fresh for your satisfation

The cat with no name

Avid wheelchair collectors and racers, the attempt to connect a
kick drum pedal to one was not as successful as initially hoped
The artist in his natural habitat

Drummer Jay Space and bassist Dion Lunadon

The light sears through Oliver's guitar

. . . and engulfs the audience

As powerchords fuel the chaos

Drummer Jay Space delivers hazardous beats

Bassist Dion Lunadon torches the audience

There are no sonic barriers here