Monday, September 6, 2010

Oliver Ackermann APTBS Interview

On Saturday August 28, 2010 I had the privilege of sitting down with Oliver Ackermann to discuss a myriad of topic. For the uninitiated, Mr. Ackermann is the prime musical force of the band A Place To Bury Strangers. In addition to his prowess in that department he is also the founder of his own effects pedal company, Death By Audio. Completing this unholy trinity is the Brooklyn, New York music venue by the same name.

Ackermann live at Death By Audio, August 19, 2010

What follows here is a video interview series that delves into the mind of Mr. Ackermann (and later on, the band's bassplayer Dion Lunadon). Additionally, photos were taken throughout this day (and lovingly displayed) as well as the show frequently referenced to in the interview - APTBS live at DBA on August 19, 2010.

The luxurious living accomodations for Mr. Ackermann

Carefully arranged and catalogued album collection

A workbench to make your dad proud

Each one hand made to exacting specifications

They don't stay on the shelf very long

Shipped fresh for your satisfation

The cat with no name

Avid wheelchair collectors and racers, the attempt to connect a
kick drum pedal to one was not as successful as initially hoped
The artist in his natural habitat

Drummer Jay Space and bassist Dion Lunadon

The light sears through Oliver's guitar

. . . and engulfs the audience

As powerchords fuel the chaos

Drummer Jay Space delivers hazardous beats

Bassist Dion Lunadon torches the audience

There are no sonic barriers here


Kat said...

Some of the photos with their signatures made me smile. "The luxurious living accommodations"... :D

Loved the kitty, by the way. Really cute coloring. ^^

DaveCromwell said...

Thank you, Kat.

Yes, I thought Oliver's lavish bedroom was just the picture of "Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous" ;-)

And yes - that cat is very cute. And they really have no name! I started singing "I've been through the desert with the cat with no name . . . "

TBTCI said...

Dave is completelly awesome´re a lucky man don´t you?!?!?!cool work man!!!!

cheers from Brazil


Brian Dillon said...

Here is a wild video from their Aug DBA show that shows their storm of sound in full force.

DaveCromwell said...

Thanks for the kind words, Renato. I'm glad you can appreciate the quality that is APTBS.

Yeah, Brian - that's a great video. If you look at the comments there, you'll see I've already posted on it (twice) ;-)

Riot Nrrrd™ said...

APTBS completely destroyed at their last LA gig at Spaceland a few months ago. I'd seen them before but this last time was even more amazing. To me they are the spiritual heirs to the JaMC "Psychocandy" throne and one of the greatest bands in the world. Hell, if there were justice in this world Oliver would be living in a Rock Star mansion! Thanks for the pics and interview/video.

BTW to you bands out there, if you fucking slay live you will be rewarded - I was so inspired I bought over $50 in vinyl from them right after the APTBS gig.

DaveCromwell said...

I couldn't agree with you more, RiotNrrd - about APTBS being (as you so eloquently state) "the spiritual heirs to the JaMC "Psychocandy" throne"

What was so revealing from this interview is, how their music has unintentionally evolved this way.

the sunshine factory said...

Completely awesome. Very inspiring work. Great to see musicians of like mind working and creating art. A very well crafted and executed interview. Thanks Dave

DaveCromwell said...

I don't doubt that Oliver Ackermann is providing "inspiration" for a whole new generation of bands making music today. I look forward to hearing the more creative and interesting results that these bands produce.

Anonymous said...

A great band and a jolly fine piece of work there Cromster! It looks like some sort of "Saw" ear torture chamber you were in there!

DaveCromwell said...

I'd hazard to guess, Mr. VP - that the only thing actually "tortured" there - are the guitar amplifiers ;-)

ViewFromSpookysDoghouse said...

Viva La Space Rockers and Feline Wheelchair Racers!

Anonymous said...

Nice review and interview :D

Anonymous said...

Great interview- it seems like it's the interviews that really start to create a kind of reputation for your blog, Dave. You're not another "typical journalist asking typical questions" and that allows you and the people you talk to to actually explore the "unknown areas" of the musical journalism, it's more like a dialogue than a simple Q/A thing. More personal and deeper look at the art of music- that's what it is.

I loved it all. Can't really put my finger at any particular part of the interview. But if I had to I would name the part when you guys talked about the interaction between the crowd and the band and that "third thing", kind of a new reality that is brought to life during these special moments of live performances. I think this kind of thing can be tracked back to the ancient times when the music was a "gate" to the world of ghosts, gods and the whole higher reality. The music was like a doorway to deepest emotions, the most transcendent of arts- with no physical form and yet very powerful. And it's pretty accurate to talk about this kind of thing when analyzing the music of A Place to Bury Strangers. They definitely spread this "mystical" atmosphere (like in "Ego Death"), just like The Doors or Dead Can Dance but with a more rocking, edgy and "harsh" sound.

So- I've found that part of the interview extremely interesting (and loved the whole thing as well). It's great to see that someone still talks about this magical side of the music. Like you said- that's what rock'n'roll is all about.

Great post, great job, great experience.

DaveCromwell said...

It's so great to read when someone actually "gets it" - and you my friend, Mr. Eagle - most definitely do.

Without a doubt it is that "third thing" that makes the indelible impression on our soul.

Mr Smork said...

interesting interview. first one that is so long and i would say - epic. you always know how to do that.
i think you should always film your interviews, cause they are way more interesting to look at and more entertaining, then reading.
but shows - write about them i think you quiet good in that.
returning to the interview there are some tips and tricks you could use next time taping some interview - to improve video itself, cause questions and stuff are perfect....
anyway - nice work. :)