Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 6 - Sunday 18 SXSW

And so we come to the final day that is this marathon known as the South By Southwest music festival.

After being out to the wee hours of the morn, Sunday doesn't really begin in reality until the early afternoon.

For the second year in a row, the Sunday restaurant of choice was Guero's

Texting back and forth for the entire time in Austin during this week (after the obligatory social networking  messaging during the months leading up to) - a meeting was finally had between myself and fellow MOG writer "mama" (who also goes by the name Lisa).

 Captured for the MOG-o-sphere, this photo had to be taken.

The traveling roadcrew having a breezy early-afternoon meal and beverages.  Lisa, yours truly, LG, Ana and James fuel up for more musical exploits.

Into the bowels of the beast one more time, we headed over to the open all day party at Beerland to catch the punk-glam-psych sounds of Brooklyn's own Xray Eyeballs.

OJ, Carly and Liz had the Xray-rock going full tilt on this day.

Amusingly, the drummer played as a mysterious shrouded phantom.

OJ and Carly front the band with the classic boy-girl tandem of alternating lead vocals.

Liz adds quite a bit to the overall sound by way of backing up on rhythm guitar and keyboards.

A perfect way to spend the last afternoon in Austin

Xray clatter to make your head and heart shatter

Another performer of note was a synth driven act from Kentucky going by the clever name of Idiot Glee.  An actual solo act with appealingly textured machines, the set was impressive as we observed from the comfort zone of Xray Eyeball's merch table.

Now there was anticipation building for a return engagement of last year's stand out Sunday night performer - Vockah Redu.

 Always exhibiting a flair for the dramatic, Vockah had Beerland whipped up into a New Orleans bounce frenzy.

When familiarity is not doing it's job (breeding contempt) - it may actually make the heart grow fonder.

Such is the case with an artist I knew nothing about a year ago, but this year found me looking forward to the performance.

Duly impressed with the Beerland show, we literally followed him over to his next scheduled show at The Mohawk nearby.

  Which then became the final stop on this years South By Southwest extravaganza.

A fitting end to a week that takes over two of them to recap. 


Patricia Mena said...

Great ending of this great photoblog Dave, fabulous pictures. I love the photo where you are posing with the lovely lady, very nice shot. Can't wait to see another new wonderful job soon!

Ivanka said...
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Ivanka said...

great photos! this restaurant Guero's looks wow!!!
amazing show, amazing photos!!!

DaveCromwell said...

Yeah, the photo with my friend Lisa came out really great, Paty. I'm very pleased with that one.

Ivanka, Guero's is such a great place! Two years in a row on Sunday there. It's a "must" stop when you are in Austin!

Anonymous said...

I really like the lights etc. and cool restaurant!

DaveCromwell said...

Xray Eyeballs had the the coolest "low budget" lighting going! So "punk" get a bit "glam" too ;-)

William said...

Ive always found Punk very glam in its own unique way... maybe i'm weird

Whats not weird is how wonderful your sxsw series has been- it makes me want to go sometime and start a blog called South by South Will

DaveCromwell said...

There has always been a "trash glam" element in New York City punk. Ever since The New York Dolls (whom I think that Xray Eyeballs emulate, among other influences).

I would eagerly read all the "South by South Will" features!

Anonymous said...

A very nice ending to the SXSW coverage, and like the last few entries, this one is unique in its tone. Great job.

DaveCromwell said...

All good things must come to an end eventually, eagle. Until it starts up all over again! Till then, we review the road already traveled (to see if something can be learned from it).

Mr Smork said...

nice antry.
good you caught a fellow writer. she looks nice.
though after 1st pic from the gig was thinking that beverages hit you like a gong, but after i saw further i see everything came out - great. :

DaveCromwell said...

You can always rest assured that "beverages" are never the reason for my psychedelic shots, Mr. Smork.

No, that has more to do with jostling for position and low lighting. Still, I kinda liked that photo. It sets more a mood, than actual detail.