Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 4 - Part 1 Fri 16 SXSW

Up again early Friday "morning" the 16th (more like noon) the exiting news was that classic UK rock band The Wedding Present would be playing a 1:00 PM show.  Quickly whipping ourselves together we head on over to the venue.

The space they were playing in was a converted garage that now operates as a specialty burger joint.

 David Gedge has successfully pulled together yet-another quality group of musicians - bringing to light a brand new album of songs that show just how prolific he continues to be.

The band rocked as hard as groups half their age - and not surprisingly - with the touch that only comes from the countless miles traveled from 1990 until now.

Two years with The Wedding Present the cleverly named Pepe Le Moko adds style and female vocals to the mix.

Despite their longevity the bands appeal continue to reach a youthful audience.

Meanwhile the band rocked out many tracks from their latest album "Valentina"

Dual vocal harmonies to match instrumental intensity

Boys rockin' out hard


Post show, it was a pleasure to have chat with the legend that is David Gedge

The group was in great spirits as they hung around and took photos with their fans.

Never one to pass up a golden opportunity, one more photo was taken for good measure.

But now it was time to head on over to the Metropolis Pool Party 

The band onstage as we arrived was a female fronted gothic rock outfit out of Tuscon called Blind Divine

The had a great sound and look and set the tone for a great afternoon of live music.

Next up was my good friends from New York City - the heavy hard rock band Grandfather

The boys sound has evolved in seriously positive directions since I first became aware of them over a year ago.

Its a heavy rock show they now deliver.  The songs are more compact, yet explode with an even bigger intensity.

Following them was the northern California dreamgaze trio Between The Cities Are Stars

I had been listening to their tracks for a while now and was very much looking foward to catching them live.

I'm happy to report their live show delivered the same quality as the recordings I've been listening to.

Super awesome dude Alex Hernandez had the right guitar sound down on this day

The band played a tight set on a late Austin afternoon that was perfect for the moment.

Catching up with the group after their set, it was a pleasure getting to know them.

Heather is not only super cute, but super sweet too

Of course Alex is a proud bay area Giants fan.

More Friday fun to follow!


Patricia Mena said...

Cool photos Dave, lovely baby with pink headphones, and your T-Shirt should mean "Just love Music" :)
Another great one!

DaveCromwell said...

Wow - great alternative meaning to my t-shirt, Paty. And yes - that baby was rockin' to the sweet sounds that day. Never too young to get them started, I say.

Mr Smork said...

cool pics, dave.
i see you met some quality base players in one day. [;)]

DaveCromwell said...

Yeah, for some reason this day focused a bit on the bass players.

Well, they certainly are an important part of the band!

Anonymous said...

Really cool phots Dave! Loved the one of the baby with the headphones ;)

Ivanka said...

hehe I agree with Anouk, baby with headphones picture is really cool)) good music from the very beginning of the life! rest of the photos are awesome too!

DaveCromwell said...

Nothing says "rock & roll" like a baby with headphones. Now you know that kid is going to be in a band.

Anonymous said...

Great one, as usual. Lots of interesting (even small) events caught on camera.

DaveCromwell said...

I actually find the "smaller" events a lot more satisfying than the so-called "big" ones. SXSW is as much about the non "official" shows as anything sponsored.