Saturday, March 26, 2011

SXSW Photo Blog 5 - March 19, 2011 - Saturday

Saturday of the SXSW week (March 19, 2011) began with it's own unique issues. As is often the case, the best laid plans are suddenly wrought with surprises. Minor issues like where you might be sleeping that night can create as sense of uncertainty. Its always helpful if you have actual friends to help you out in these circumstances. I consider myself fortunate that, as it turns out, I do. With that partcular issues on my mind, I headed out to the day's activites - first stop being The Deli Magazine and Musebox presents "This Cowbell Goes To 11" Party at the venue I spent a good bulk of the night before - Lipstick24

I arrived in time to catch the opening band - Quiet Company

I give these lads credit for wearing full suits and ties in what was an already warm day in Austin. Their sound was pleasant and professional.

Heading inside I caught the next act up - a band out of the UK called The Lines

I liked their sound a lot. We were rocking already at it was "only" 1:00 pm.

The Lines are worth checking out.

As I stood watching the music, I was suddenly approached by a familiar face

None other than the day's events presenter Deli Magazine Publisher and Owner - Paolo DeGregorio.

We had a spirited chat, then I headed round the corner to see what my friends The Vandelles were up to.

Originally sheduled to play at sometime after 1:00 in the afternoon, their show got moved back some.

So, we all headed over to Paolo's event for some chatter and tunes.

Artists Manager Eric Ervin(aka The Swervewolf) strikes an appropriate pose.

Paolo clutches his bag with apprehension.

Checking in once more on the outdoor stage, I caught a set of music from an artist and band going by the name of R. G. Morrison

The presented an enjoyable collection of songs that were perfect for the breezy early afternoon moment.

But now it was time for another show from The Vandelles, so we all quickly headed round the corner for another dip into the sonic surf.

The band delivered their tightly honed songs with the skill and precision I had been enjoying all week long.

Christo literally glowed in the Texas afternoon. Or perhaps that was just the sound his guitar was making.

Lulu, Jasno, Honey and Christo had the sonic waves going full tilt.

Extra room to the side of the stage made for some interesting photo opportunities.

Honey throttled with her accustomed force.

Bringing the ruckus.

Fans strike the arms folded "show me" pose.

Oh - they got shown, alright.

Bash & Pop


Bad Lands

"Wanna be your Summer Fling"

To know The Vandelles is to love them.


Show over - we stuffed our bags with the free Ice Tea a generous sponsor was promoting and headed out onto 6th Street for fun and shennanigans.

Its a Shangri-La moment Rolling with the EEP Presents posse is a truly unique experience.

Next stop was the Mess With Texas extraganza

We got there just in time for Screaming Females

Marissa was at her shredding best.

Its always good to see East Coast musicians representing so well.

Lots of good time chatter amongst the EE Presents crew.

Jason and Eric plot out the next moves.

Next up was a west coast band I had been hearing about recently called The Fresh & Onlys

The have some catchy songs, and employ a twangy western vibe to it all.

Following them was a 6 piece "punk" style unit called Davilla 666.

Then Thee Oh Sees dazzled the crowd with their high energy show.

This band was smoking hot and firing on all cylinders Defintely go see them if you can.

Having had my fill of ear pummeling volumes, windswept dirt, and recreational "herbals" wafting up my nose, I took leave of the outdoor tent venue and headed out for some fresh air and just a little less chaos.

The moon was full and high. I stumbled past a house party that had a band playing and complimentary food. A weary traveler ate gratefully from their generosity.

Austin hospitality at its best.

Free music, food and drink.

The Austin skyline at night

There is a later night hours story too - perhaps another time.

Sunday - the final day - awaits.


Anonymous said...

Seriously dude, you are a credit to music journalism. Your love for (and of) music and the bands that make it shines through. The so called professionals 'profession' one day, I hope, will be populated by people who love music. People like Dave who are more concerned with broadcasting their love for music than writing a snarreal music Journo is in my view.

Good man !

Anonymous said...

Damn spell check !!! Now, that makes no sense -Lol ! what I mean is ,,,,that you focus on the love for music than making a snarky remark !

smork said...
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Mr Smork said...

monster tent!. :)
dave - you are flattering us with "vandalles" in every post. now i forgot their music and love their image.... and honey off course. :) the one where they are near that blue wall is the best you showed us so far!. nice.
and austin night sky line looks impressive as well. :)
good job with this one.
my slight crush to honey went to almost normal crush now... :)))))

DaveCromwell said...

Hey VP - I got what you meant the first time ;-) But thanks for the additional clarification. Yeah, I've felt that way for a while now too. Of course you already know that I look to *your* VPME for the latest on many emerging artists I am not yet aware of. Bloggers rule!

Mr. Smork - your now full-blown schoolboy "crush" on a certain Ms. Honey Valentine is amusing indeed. But only because I have one myself!

Glad to read you like the Austin scenery shots as well.

ViewFromSpookysDoghouse said...

I think that all of the misspelled words in a blog constitute the proverbial "price of admission" to read great lines like "another dip in the sonic surf."

DaveCromwell said...

Come on in, VFSD! The waves are high ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great photo's Dave, love the ones with that purple/pink light :)

DaveCromwell said...

I know those are your fave colors, Anouk!

Unknown said...

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