Thursday, March 17, 2011

South By South West Music Fest - Day 1 - March 16, 2011

As threatened (er, promised) - chaotic video captures of the sights and sounds:




Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talking about- great stuff, Dave! I think that the only minus here is the sound of A Place to Bury Strangers video- you were probably a little too close to the speaksers. However- the rest is gold! The atmosphere of the place is caught right here on (digital) tape. I think it would be just GREAT if you capture the entrance to the club on video in your every review- you know, the crowd in front of the place, the hall, tickets stuff, maybe some backstage stuff and I'm not only talking about the Austin videos but also about those you'll sure do when back in NYC. It would be great to see the "sorroundings" of every gig caught on tape.

I love, I want more. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great videos Dave! It's nice to see what it looks like there :)

Cody B said...

Hipster-palooza. You captured the vibe. Nice ones.

ViewFromSpookysDoghouse said...

Behold, a new star, uh, I mean, wingman, is born! Oliver's Army is here to play! Looks kinda insane over there. Cromwell's on the prowl...

DaveCromwell said...

Thanks for the detailed commentary and suggestions, eagle. I think I will go in that direction!

Anouk - I'm glad I could give you a feel of the overall sights and sounds there.

Lol @ "Hipster-palooza" Cody. And very accurate ;-)

VFSD - it was insane!