Monday, March 21, 2011

SXSW Photo Blog 1 - March 16, 2011

Because every picture tells a story - the Cromwell SXSW Excellent Adventure Photo Blog:

Jet Rock - a good sign - at LaGuardia airport

This becomes somewhat interesting (while you have to wait)

A similar scene in Dallas


Or diversion

Yeee Haaa!

Large metal birds, slice the sky

Arrival! Quick - run to the A Place To Bury Strangers show!

Oliver is on tonight

Snazzy 'tache

Crom and Jacques - making the scene


Let the soundwaves wash all over you

Oh how he mistreats that guitar

Girls bring cookies - boys eat!

Jacques and Croms - coupla bro's, you know?

Dark noise you know and love

Out on 6th Street it's like a carnival

Capital times

The Vandelles Showcase at The Parish!

I think I liked these decorated walls the best.
Perfect for rock music.

The Vandelles were in the groove and the waves were high

"with my baby girl down San Antone way"

Perfect band shot

Sonic muscle

The Beat

Pretty - Thunderous

Tom tom fills that blur


Packed room

Sets that get you noticed

How can you resist?

EEP management associate, Marta

Yeah - we bad

Eric the Swervewolf and the girls put a spell on you

Cromwell puts in late night hours, hoping to make sense of it all


Mr Smork said...

hey, nice piece. really easy reading. :)))
and would it be really bad if i'd say that marta looks a bit stoned.... :P

DaveCromwell said...

lol - yeah - "easy reading" indeed ;-)

As for Marta - I think she has that permanent "sultry" look - 24/7

She's super sweet.

Anonymous said...

great photo's. :)

DaveCromwell said...

Thanks, Anouk!
Coming from a photographer such as yourself - that is a high compliment indeed.

Patricia said...

Very nice photos Dave! I enjoyed them a lot.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. It's great to experience it all once again- now in silence and stillness and through the pictures alone. I feel as if I'm watching a photo album from the past. Beautiful memories from the last few days thanks to you, Dave!

ViewFromSpookysDoghouse said...

Good question you pose, Dave. Perhaps art IS a diversion. But let's ruminate about that some other time :) In my limited experience, I would say that Lufthansa have built the most "bird-like" looking airborne vessels. Nice shots of the Van Guys and Dolls.

DaveCromwell said...

It helps me make sense of it all, eagle - to put these photos up here in chronological order. I really like looking at them (and reliving the moment). I'm glad you like them too.

VFSD - oh, yes - that's right - you are something of an airport (and aircraft) aficionado. Or perhaps its just the baggage carts there that really fascinate you ;-)