Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Raveonettes live @ South Street Seaport / Beekman Beer Gardens

On the gorgeous Sunday afternoon of July 31, 2011 - the fantastic Raveonettes treated their fans to a free show at the Beekman Beer Garden location at South Street Seaport.

Having personally been a fan of this band for coming up on a decade - and rarely missing a show of theirs each and every time they play New York - well it would have taken wild horses to keep me away from this one.

Joining me for this afternoon journey was fellow MOG music writer Rob - who goes by the screen name of Madrid Spacestation Spain.

I've since given him the nickname of 'drid, and it appears to be very well received.

The Raveonettes are an internationally well-known band who have released a decade of innovative and exciting albums.

Their latest may very well be their best.

They opened this day's show with the lead single off of Raven In The Grave (their latest album) - the anthemic and inspiring "Recharge and Revolt"

"I recharge & revolt my time has come
And I'm tempted to duel even the sun
I'll dodge the rays and kill it with my gun"


Since I was shooting photos and videos of the show, it was essential to have the "pit pass" wristband.

Using this photo opportunity to display my treasured Raveonettes pin collection. Vintage "Pretty In Black" ones stand alongside current "Raven In The Grave" models.

Having access to the "backstage" area allows for certain opportunities.

Like having a photo taken with featured artists themselves.

Here Mr. Sune Rose Wagner strikes a "tough guy" pose, egged on by the individual I enlisted to shoot this one. We all had a good laugh.

However, it was a rock show we came here to see, and what a glorious one it was.

Wagner and his bandmates played an impeccable set.

Of course that means Mr. Wagner's long-time parter in crime - the Lovely Ms. Sharin Foo

Sune, of course, is the mastermind that makes it all "go"

A brilliantly prolific songwriter, Sune's skills as vocalist, guitar player and producer are known industry-wide.

Another highlight of the set comes from the aforementioned Raven In The Grave album

"War In Heaven"

Sharin mostly plays bass again, for all but two songs during this set. Her voice has always been the perfect compliment for Sune's, and on this day we again were witness to that.

The current Raveonettes also employ two wonderful multi-instrumentalists, who mostly play percussion, but also quite capably fill in on backup guitar - and bass when Sharin temporarily puts it down.


Sharin's set list


"I went away to meet my love
I saw things that I can't have
It makes me mad "

The current new t-shirt design.

Having full access to the stage area allowed for roaming around and shooting from different angles.

A rare opportunity to shoot the band from behind

The packed crowd was very much into it all

Side-stage shots makes for interesting perspectives as well

The crowd, eagerly pressed up against the barricade

Another brilliant song from their latest album:


Listen to the drumming, in particular. Sharin has been quoted as saying the inspiration for this percussive rhythm came from Kate Bush's masterpiece "Running Up That Hill"
You can absolutely hear it.



Sharin puts down the bass and takes the mic solo to sing "Forget That You're Young"





"The only reason [wish] I can't hurt . . .
[to have] a heart of stone"

Another fave and a truly wonderful song from their latest release:



For their grandest of grand finales

the band plays an inspired "psych rock" raveup of "Aly Walk With Me"


Post-show - catching up with Ms. Foo

This past April I wrote a review of The Ravonettes live show and album - and I was quite pleased (and in fact, very proud) to receive this personal message from Sune himself:

That review can be found here:

The Raveonettes are the definition of quality and consistency.

If you don't have any of their records - go out and get them now.


Anonymous said...

Great review :D

DaveCromwell said...

Glad you like, Anouk.

I hope it was "groovy" enough for you ;-)

Patricia said...

Excellent Dave! I Like the pin collection! haha, great pics, great band.

DaveCromwell said...

Ha, ha. Yes. The "pin collection" reveals my "fan boy" qualities.

More importantly - the fact that you like this band.

The Midnite Rambler said...

Great review Dave. I like your multi-media approach. Very informative without being tedious. I think in the future a lot of people will be scratching their heads wondering how this band flew under their radar like The Velvet Underground did in the 60s.

DaveCromwell said...

Charlie - I love your Velvet Underground comparison. That is spot on.

Mr Smork said...

nice easy reading one ;)
but seriously, seems like you had quiet an opportunity to go anywhere and i see photos from all around. :)
and nice pin collection, and stripe as well. i figure you should have a collection of different media passses as well. :)
seems like it was a cool gig.
i like new stuff fro raveonettes. hunting for their music now. even would like them on my walkman....
ok, take care i'll be going working on that. :D
seriously, nice piece, nice band. :)

DaveCromwell said...

Their music has been an essential inclusion on my portable music listening device for years now.

So I certainly encourage you to do the same Mr. Smork.

Ivanka said...

good job Dave!love that photos, you look with them really cool) and also I like that t-shirt))
it's not exactly music what I listen but I have to say they sound good!!
and as always you made amazing review! =)I always enjoy reading your works!

DaveCromwell said...

Ah - you like my t-shirt, Ivanka! Sweet

I'm glad I could turn you on to some music that you don't usually listen to. That's what music sharing is all about.

They are good, aren't they?

Ivanka said...

sure, they are really good!))

William said...

one of my best friends is danish, but not a member of the raveonettes- one day crom will introduce me and i will say a danish fellow i met once is a member of the raveonettes- i imagine it will be something like Wife Swap, but less douchey

DaveCromwell said...

The Danish are lovely people. I'm sure the scenario you depict will be anything but "douchey" ;-)

Be sure to *listen* to the Raveonettes. Your world will be a better place because of it.

Anonymous said...

Wagner and Shazza- just keep on doing it .. what a duo .. what a concept ..what a passion for rock n roll xxx

DaveCromwell said...

It's a passion - that never goes out of fashion, VP

Anonymous said...

The Raves are back.

I am delighted every time you write about this band, Dave. Especially that their new album merges all the best elements in their sound and marks full circle of the band's history, also opening another chapter which I am excited and eager to witness.

Even though some of their music has a "night" element to it (and we know which ep I am talking about) most of the Raves songs are made of this American-highway-washed-by-the-sunset-light kind of atmosphere and the latest album is no exception. This tendency in their sound dates back to the glorious 2003 and 2004, the release of Chain Gang of Love and the gigs they played around the world to promote it. Raven also marks a kind of new quality to their sound- they matured, they don't have to prove anything, they do their thing and they do it damn well.

As always, your enthusiasm for the band's music radiates from what you wrote, Dave. Your words are a good transcription of the energy that the band spreads around with their beautiful music.

The Raveonettes are one of the most unique bands. They have this unnamable factor that makes some artists and bands memorable for generations. You can't mistake Raves for anyone else. There's no one better than them in this kind of music. Period.