Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bleach Blonde Records

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Bleach Blonde Records, Richard San Luis and crew will be hosting a party on Saturday July 23rd at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn. Scheduled to appear will be Bleach Blonde recording artists Telenovelas, Blemishes and Youth Castles. Non-label mates Young Boys and Dream Diary will also be playing later in the evening, with DJ sets from members of Young Boys as well.

Blemishes debut single release "Keep It Quiet" does anything but that. Squalls of harsh feedback eventually give way to pitch-bended guitar chords and cathedral hall vocals. The percussion is forward forceful, allowing the bass to slither a groove while layers of guitars and vocals float you down alleyways of pleasurable dreams.

Youth Castles take the dream vibe in more romantic directions. There is a soft soulfulness to "Sight Seeing" which finds patterned percussion segments deeply embedded against the swirling, reverberated vibe. It’s lush and dramatic, and could be the soundtrack of your wonderful summer, if you would just let it.

Host band Telenovelas have progressively evolved over the last year. Since the release of their 3 song EP a year ago, their steady gigging has seen them grow more confident and dynamic with each successive show. The band will soon release a brand new studio track - "Lost in the Sand" via a split 7” single with Australian solo artist Colours on the other side. Hop on over to Bleach Blonde and check out other up and coming artists and stay tuned for future BB releases/showcases.

Listen to all of these bands at my Deli Magazine feature (link here):


Anonymous said...

Great review, as usual :)

DaveCromwell said...

Thanks, Anouk! ;-)

Patricia said...

Nice, Dave!! I like the style you have to describe the scene!

Ivanka said...

yes, another great job!!! You totally feel what you writing, that;s why it's so interesting to read!!!

DaveCromwell said...

If I didn't "feel" it - I wouldn't do this. It's *all* about the feel.

Thanks for sayin' Paty & Ivanka. Since I know both of you to be creative people (who draw and write too) - I appreciate your thoughts.

Be sure to listen to the music here!

Mr Smork said...

nice piece, dave, thanks for introducing. :)
like their vintage style.
i checked out some of their songs and i like the song with video in the space, but i prefer video with young girl struggling with her bikini. :)
though you in to beach sand bands now. :) vandelles, now - this. nice. summer is nice time to bring them out. ;)

DaveCromwell said...

Sand, surf, girls in bikini's - it never gets old, Mr. Smork.

Some things are timeless and ever appealing.

This vibe is certainly one of them.

William said...

sweet review crommers- i will check it out- you are like monk from the tv show monk, but less obsessive compulsive

Anonymous said...

Good shit Dave. Always on the look out for new music. We both love that wall of shoegaze sound and this crop of young bands certainly know their stuff. Cheers for this.

DaveCromwell said...

Will, Monk is one of my fave tv detectives! As you know, the irony of it all is that his OCD's are what makes him so good as solving cases ;-)

Andy, we have been surfing this sound ever since the Brothers Reid took the Beach Boys and The Velvet Underground - and welded them together into some unholy (yet often blissful) stew.

As it always shall be.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see some more traditional shoegaze stuff around here after the last couple of entries where we've drifted into different waters.

Whoa, Blemishes reminded me of Voivod with this ultra heavy, noise-driven opening of "Keep It Quiet". It's a good song, however, the rhythm (I mean drums or a drum machine, don't know what it is) could be a little more colorful, it's too repetitive when in the same time the whole vocals/guitars section is fantastic and a lot happens there.

"Sight Seeing" by Youth Castles is simply beautiful. Here the simple drumming fits very well- it creates a trance like atmosphere. Great sound.

I like the old American feel about "Bloody Mary" by Telenovelas. It's quite different but it still evokes the atmosphere of the 50s music. Sixties as well, but before the psychedelia arrived on scene. The vocal harmonies remind me of Mamas and Papas, which means its good.

Very good music desctiptions there. I understand you're gonna write the coverage of the show, Dave?

Cool stuff.

DaveCromwell said...

There is always *some* kind of coverage of every show I attend, eagle.

Thanks for your insightful thoughts on this music!