Saturday, January 10, 2009

Steve Shiffman & the Land of No - live at Cake Shop, January 9, 2009

Steve Shiffman & the Land of No brought their raucous brand of "rawk 'n' roll" back to The Cake Shop (one of my fave venues) on the Lower East Side of New York City, Friday the 9th of January, now the year 2009.

Now becoming something of a veteran of the "Shiff madness" (this being my 4th show), I knew I was in for a good time.

Super soloist dAve Hollinghurst brought along all his essential stringed instruments, including this sweet lap steel.

Of course the driving vision belongs to Canadian-American songwriter Steve Shiffman.

No band can exist without a decent rhythm section, and both drummer Pete Hayes and bassist Kent Heine are more than merely decent. In fact, they are the engine that makes this Ford Fairlane go.

And then there's Alec. That's Alec Ferrell. He is the everyman's dude. He's sooo dude. You can just bump fists with him and go "yo dude". Interesting side-note about Alec - much like Eddie Argos of Art Brut - he is something of a comic book/graphic novel afficianado. Yes - that cool.

Alec and the Shiff get down to bin'ness.

International guitar superstar dAve Hollinghurst screams encouragement to his maraca.

Alec and Steve join in with voices sincere.

While Kent thrumbles on, dAve searches for the perfect pitch.

Heads bowed - strings slashed - its all about the feel, baby.

Two men - one purpose - the perfect storm.

Hollinghurst displays why he is the go-to guy, when you need it done right.

Dominance and submission (radio's appear)

Passion on display

All the songs they played.
Here's an awesome live video:
You haven't gotten into the Shiff yet?
What you waitin' for!
Check 'em out here:


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had fun ;)

Anonymous said...

Good stuff DC

dAve said...

Thanks for the kindness, Mr. Cromwell. May the gods of rock continue to bestow great deeds upon you.

Jersey Girl said...

Wish I could been there. But BOY we sure did appreciate your fretwork on "Under the Milky Way" at Nic's Algonquin show last week!

at the beach said...

I'll be lookin' for "Shiff"
thanks DaveC.

x said...

They sound like they got lost in time somewhere in the early 70's and now they jumped out back to the world. Classic rock, massive rhythm section (like you noted) and energetic guitar riffs. Great job on the review.