Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Indelicates - live at Mondo - July 18, 2008

So - after four months of planning and false starts - The Indelicates were finally going to play their long awaited headline showcase performance at Club Mondo.

This had already become a personal fave club night of mine - as I've seen quite a few debut and quality shows of bands I now hold near and dear to my heart.
Having followed The Indelicates around the New York area for all of their shows during this particular tour, it was particularly satisfying to see them culiminate it all with their flashiest and most triumphant show yet.

Preshow - Al and Julia relax with some iced bevvy's - as Julia models her red bowler hat.

The band took the stage and commenced to rip into a blistering version of "The Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock & Roll"

See a high-quality video of this performance here:

The band then continued through what had become a familiar set to me - however with each new performance, I discovered yet one more subtle nuance I had not detected before.

There's something to be said for following a band through a series of shows in a short period of time. Not only do you really get to know the material (though I already had all of these songs indelibly impressed on my psyche) but you come to gain a greater appreciation of a bands approach to it all. The Indelicates are very much seasoned professionals. As Julia would say on a radio show earlier in the week - four tours of Germany has a way of doing that to you.

The crowd at Mondo was (as it always is) great. You can count on the audience to be spirited and festive there - yet attentive to the band when they come on.

Sure - the night is first and foremost a dance party. The Club's DJ's - Miss Modular * Kevington * and Dr Maz certainly share equal billing with the bands they present. They are noted for spinning indie, brit-pop, rock & retro (plus anything from shoegazer to twee) - and all I have ever seen there are enthusiastic crowds that love to dance.

The Indelicates did nothing to deviate from this celebratory atmosphere - and in fact, added a heightened level of excitement to it all.

Al churned out chunky guitar chords, while Julia graced us with her delicate-to-bombastic song "Stars"

While Simon and the band crunched through a brilliant rendition of "America"

"New Art For The People" - which is a particular favorite of mine - was nothing short of brilliant.

While a stomping version of their taut combined medly - the first half cover of Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law" - coupled with their "Fun Is For The Feeble Minded" whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

That particular performance can be viewed here:

Mondo party-goers show their appreciation

DJ Kevington views the scene from behind his decks

As heads continued to bob to the infectious grooves

Attentive viewers and listeners appeared to grasp every subtle nuance

Julia stands and steps away from the keyboard to sing her anthem about the freedom to choose with "Our Daughters Will Never Be Free".

Kim Deal only wishes she could play as well as Kate.

You've entered the No-Spin zone

The highlight of the show was when the band played "Julia, We Don't Live In The '60s" - which has become a fave track that is played at Mondo all the time. When the DJ's realized they were playing it, they all rushed to the front of the stage and began to dance wildly.
You can view this occurrence (and performance) here:

They did it for America
Mondo is hands down the best club night in New York City.
Whether its the music the DJ's play - or the bands they present - it all comes together in a singular satisfying musical experience.
Adding The Indelicates to it all made everything perfect.

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Ah, Indelicates and their crazy world! Unique band with unique sound. And unique people.

Great job on the review, Dave.