Monday, September 19, 2011

Shana Falana - In The Light

Emerging from Brooklyn's crowded field of independent solo artists comes the unique vocal talent of Shana Falana.

The current weekly residency at Pete's Candy Store for the month of September (there are two more shows, the 21st and 28th 10:00 pm) is leading up to her the release show for her new EP "In The Light" on October 6 at Shea Stadium.

Produced by Kevin McMahaon (Swans, Titus Andronicus) and mixed by Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Mogwai, Interpol) the record perfectly captures what Shana does best: positive music of wonderment and discovery. Inspired by Bulgarian folk music, her sound often reflects the genre's asymmetrical rhythms.

“Light The Fire” is hypnotic, chill-enducing and powerful.

Listen to this enchanting track:

“In The Light” presents vocals that are pure and straightforward, with diction having only the slightest of creative affectation (“everything” becomes “Av-erything”). A strong cello undercurrent allows Shana to soar above with multi-layered choruses of her own vocals.

Never unappealing sleigh bells usher in “Yeah Yeah.” An even more ethereal choir sings those words to varying patterns. The guitars begin to chunk along and the drums thunder in kind. Her vocal production embraces the same cathedrals Simon & Garfunkel explored during their finest moments (think “Only Living Boy In NYC”).

On a recent afternoon, Shana and I did a bit of shopping in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - and I conducted an interview with her.

Check out the first part here:

You can spend hours looking through all the wonderful treasures a specialty record has.

Part 2 of our Interview:

Official video for "In The Light"

Catch Shana at one of her upcoming shows for a truly rewarding listening experience.

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Ivanka said...

nice one) have to say I love the name - Shana )) never heard something like this) beautiful! also liked it first video great track!
and Dave you look cool on photos)

Anonymous said...

Great review. Very groovy photos :)

DaveCromwell said...

It's interesting you should say that, Ivanka.

Because the meaning of the name Shana is 'Beautiful'.

Yes, that video track is wonderful. My fave of hers.

Anouk if there is one thing I aim for in my photos - it is total "grooviness" ;-)

William said...

Shana Falana on Dave's Casting Car Seat- on a more serious note- interesting interview and beautiful music

Patricia said...

Shana, Shania, lovely names, agree with that. Nice song, i felt "floating" Great videos, "bacanes" photos, we say here in my country when something is cool. Was really nice hearing your voice Dave!

DaveCromwell said...

Ha, ha @ "my casting car seat" William ;-) Of course, all very professional, there. Glad to hear you can appreciate the "beautiful music."

I like this word "bacanes", Paty! I'm going to use it the next time I want to say "cool."

I've finally gotten used to hearing my own voice in these interviews. But I just ask the questions - the answers the artists give is what really matters.

Anonymous said...

Great interview and perfect questions, Dave. Shana's music is truly unique and beautiful. And lots of respect for her artistic freedom and sonic explorations. It's really interesting to think where she will go with her music in the upcoming years.
Oh, and it looks like you've found the right spot to take a picture in the store with Sonic Youth albums hanging above your heads.

DaveCromwell said...

Points to you, eagle - I was wondering who was going to spot the Sonic Youth album I so meticulously cropped into the shot posted there. ;-)

Well done with that.

Glad to know you appreciate Shana's uniquely ethereal music too.

Mr Smork said...

nice piece, as always i most enjoyed the interview part.
and you managed to get her in your car. :)
like the last tune in this post.

DaveCromwell said...

Great to hear, Mr. Smork.

Yeah, "In The Light" is a crackin' good tune!