Sunday, January 17, 2010

Julia Haltigan Music

It was just this past Friday - January 15, 2010 (oops, almost wrote 2009) that I ram-jammed on down to The Bowery Electric in New York City to see one of my new favorite singers - Julia Haltigan perform.

Julia is an amazing singer/songwriter who looks as good as she sounds.

She writes brilliant lyrics - fantastic melodies - and can chunka-chunka on the guitar with the best of 'em.

Her lips are like sugar - sugar kisses. But I digress. What about the music, you ask?

Oh, the music rocks and it rolls. It's a bit blues, a bit country and a whole lotta original and fantastic.

She's got this kickass sideman who plays a blues harp like Memphis Minnie in Led Zepplin. Yeah, that bluesy, that good.

Julia has a powerful voice that can wail and hit those high notes.

But what she really does for me - is break my heart a little bit - each time I hear her. Each time I "relate" to her lyrics. Each time I'm brought back to those memories - that are too painful for me to talk about (no! Don't ask me. I won't tell you!)

The way I deal with it - is to live through songs. Other people's songs. Good songs. Songs that speak to me (in that dark and scary place that I won't allow anyone near. No, not even you).

So - join me won't you? Join me in a celebration of Julia Haltigan's music.

You'll thank me.

Yup. You will.

Here's a video:

And some other links:



ViewFromSpookysDoghouse said...

Well Dave,
I’m not sure what you meant by having “ram-jammed” the other night, but don’t worry. I won’t ask, so you don’t have to tell.

I’ll focus on the photos. There are three really good ones: the one that is second from the top (hubba hubba) and the two immediately above the band photo. You can really sense her passion in those two, and ain’t it wild that her Dad is one of her sidemen? Now, using the group portrait, I’d like to introduce this version of Julia Haltigan & The Hooligans to your blogspot audience. Folks, click on the picture to enlarge it. On the extreme left (viewer left) playing the yellowish Telecaster (electric guitar) is Gerald Menke. You’ve got to hear this man play pedal steel. He takes a song of hers like “Lost On A Salty Sea” to a whole other level. It's soooo pretty. To the immediate right of Gerald is Julia’s father Emmet Haltigan, who doubles on harmonica and mandolin. He’s a real cool cat. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Julia is the female. To her right, Mr. Steve Williams is entrusted with the timekeeping duties, handling percussion and working the drum kit. Lastly, on the extreme left, making the case on the upright bass, is Bennett Huxley Miller. Now if you click on Dave’s video link, you’ll notice that there’s a trumpet player who also sings harmonies with Julia. His name is Joe Ancowitz. There are other musicians frequenting her gigs, as the Hooligans’ lineup features an ever-rotating roster of players.

Oh, and Dave, maybe you can ask her to put that broken heart of yours back together with her stapler.

DaveCromwell said...

Ha, ha. Great comment, VFSD. Thank you for filling in the details (that I should have included). Brilliantly done.

Oh, and just to clarify (and to prevent any misinterpretation) the reference to "Ram Jam" is the signature move of Mickey Rourke's character in the movie "The Wrestler" (my fave movie of the last year) does. My use of it was just a play on words.

More importantly is the very necessary factual detail you provide on Julia's band. They are amazing, top notch musicians and deserve all the accolades you give them here.

Anonymous said...

great review/ love the youtube link.

x said...

It's your best entry to this date, Dave. Even if it's so short, it doesn't matter.

I'm really happy that you put a light on the emotional and personal aspect of your commitment to Julia's (and other) music. That's how I feel about music, too- I may like many artists but those that I will really remember and respect are those that can take my soul and emotions and shake them, get to the core of who I am and all that. This is valuable music, music worth the effort, music that should be promoted, remembered, respected. The rest just is, to be enjoyed, not to be really experienced etc.

Julia's sound is really good, I can feel what you're writing about. And she sure is damn beautiful.

I hope there will be more posts like that, with personal views and thoughts. Absolutely great job, Dave.

Mr Smork said...

short one, this time. :)
nice pictures. :)
now i know what sympathies you feel to that singer. i would even say you have sort of crush on her. and i can't blame you. ;)
so - the writing - looks more emotional, then review to me, first time i read this kind of writing from you.
and thanks VFSD to clarify the situation about the things that was going on the stage. :)
i checked links about her and i sort of interested. especially i like the photos on her official web. :)
cool writing anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Emotional connections is what music is all about. This lady certainly has the voice to make that happen and the looks to ensure that something rhyming with connection also happens

DaveCromwell said...

Lol @ Andy! (and blushing too, cause it's true . . . )

Anyway . . .

I'm glad everyone picked up on the *emotional* connection (with a "C") that I feel about this music. And yes, I didn't labor over the text of this, but rather just let thoughts "rip" in a more stream-of-conscious way.

It is true, that the deeper feelins evoked are the most lasting and meaningful.

I wonder, though (just throwing it out to the Cosmos) - why is it the heartbreaks that are the most meaningful?