Thursday, July 16, 2009

Miss Derringer 06-19-2009 The Highline Ballroom:New York City

I have had the pleasure of knowing the band Miss Derringer for over a year now. Though aware of their music prior to that (a friend pointed me in the direction of their first album previously) it wasn't until their New York tour of 2008 that I became a true fan. I was delighted then, to discover they would be coming back to New York City in June of this year to support their newly released album Winter Hill.

Read the full text of my show review here:

Vocalist Liz McGrath presents an ever creative and unique image.

Bassist Sylvain de Muizon - an essential cornerstone of the Miss Derringer sound.

Liz strikes a dramatic pose for nearly every occasion.

Songwriter, guitarist Morgan Slade gets it right.

Masked "bandito" Dody James throttles the rhythm.

Syl and Liz - shadows and light

"Click Click (Bang Bang)"

Syl kicks in with some background vox while guitarist Ben Shields brings the twang.

"Bulletproof Heart"

There's no stopping Cody's thunder!

Syl and Ben - workin' it.

"Well I never met a woman quite like you"

Catching up with Liz, post-show

Morgan tips his beer bottle to ya

Having a good chat with Sylvain

Cody James - unmasked.

Special thanks to band manager Dave Bason and tour manager WC Moriarity. These two experienced veterans of the music industry appear to be making all the right moves in helping to direct the bands business matters. Bason represents his artists from a home base right here in New York, while Moriarity is LA based, and seems most comfortable on the road with the band.

Be sure to read all about Miss Derringer here:

And go see 'em when they come to your town!

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Mr Smork said...

the article was good, cause it haven't seem so long and gave both: impression and history of a band. and i like those imaginative appearances describing that band witch i really found interesting and most imaginative you've ever used.

ViewFromSpookysDoghouse said...

The important thing about reviewing this particular band is to capture their visual aesthetic, and I'm glad you didn't miss in trying to convey this important aspect of their live show to your ever-expanding readership. You nailed it by describing them as "western, gothic, and punk." Most performers, if they are so concerned, just want to look good. They are not really out there creating a memorable visual to match the particularly stylized sound reflected in their music. Many bands will have artwork or creative lighting to accompany their sonic display, but few wear their visual components on their faces and bodies. It's nice to see a non-metal band taking up such a challenge. Miss Derringer looks to me like a "Wild Bunch" era biker gang, and their songs are the soundtrack to their stories from the road. This is yet another great review for The Waster by Dave Cromwell.

Misty said...

Great show review Croms!

Awesome pictures.

I really like Miss Derringer.

JJMcCarthy said...

I'll have to look out for this group next time I hit The Exchange...

Anonymous said...

Man I love this bands sound and look. thanks for turning me on to them. Fantastic ! Good work DC!

x said...

The band's music doesn't match with my "listener's needs" or musical taste but I can clearly feel that it's natural for the members, they feel good playing this music, there's passion and enjoyement in it. And that's very important.

The same goes for the review- I can see you trying to catch the atmosphere and the "taste" of the band as close as possible to the real thing. As a reader- I apprecieate.

Oh, and one more thing. If someone will ask me a philosophical question one day, like "What is the reason of existence?" I will point my finger at Miss Derringer's photograph. Girls like that are the reason. At least good enough for me. Amazing creature, she is.

Cool review, Dave.