Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keith TOTP : June 5, 09 : The Mercury Lounge : New York City

Flying to the States for an opening slot in New York City, British songwriter Keith TOTP brought with him a certain thread of English arrogance that permeated through the performance. With Eddie Argos on bass and a cast of backing characters, TOTP drew from material that spans his catalog. Cromwell is back on the street and in the pit of NYC culture.

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Hand signed "collectors cards" by the man himself

And the very reasonable fee they went for.

Keith - bathed in stagelight glory

Minor celebrity Jasper Future aids on guitar

As does James Rocks (and he does)

Drummer Mikey Breyer holds it all together as Keith and James soar above it all

Eddie Argos masters the mysterious numerology that is bass playing

Keith leads his band to glory

Then dazzles the audience with his adequate workmanlike guitar playing

"Do you remember how it goes?"

Rocking out like only they know how.


Anonymous said...

very coowl. love the pictures :P

Mr Smork said...

how will i start.... ok as i begun to read i quiet like it, cause th beginning was some sort of unusual for dave's reviews (maybe for me only), but it was some sort clever and funny as well. :) that topt seems like clever guy. as i begun to read about his music i felt urge to hear him... after that the writing about songs he sang was kind to read about math: numbers numbers..... numbers numbers numbers... :)))) and i like the pictures illustrating the feature.
and i got one question for you, dave: how do you differ who is american and who is english? is it clothes or maybe face, or you are listening for their accent, ir is it body stance - how? :)
i got to mention that the appearance you gave about topt song "girl" reminds me of band's "puddle off mudd" song - "she f****** hates me" :)
so this is my thoughts about this article. :)

DaveCromwell said...

Ha, ha. Good question, Mr. Smork. Well, the fact is, I actually knew already who were English and who were American. And my point was, the American members of this particular ensemble (of which it appeared there were only 2) were making (at the very best) only marginal contributions. But, since this was a US show, Keith went with the name "Minor US Celebrity Indie Band"

Mr Smork said...

good answer... :)))

ViewFromSpookysDoghouse said...
That is one catchy tune, Mr. Keith!
And good job by Jimmy on vocals there.

My favorite photo of those displayed is the pair of green stage lights in a diagonal parallel.

Lots of onstage banter and lyrical analysis appropriately and dutifully reported by Lord Cromwell. Ah, the nuances of a comical live music performance, perfectly observed, assessed, and glorified by the budding master. Me thinks you are hitting your stride, young scribe.

Anonymous said...

Keith TOTPS is a top fellow with some excellent tunes

English arrogance eh ? haha, are we all like Jeremy Issacs in the Patriot ? ;) . Its easy to differnciate between English and Americans . Us English take afternoon tea, whilst our American chyums take photos. Good work DC

Anonymous said...

Whatever chyums are ;)

x said...

Keith's music is excellent. Very optimistic, light, creates a cool atmosphere.

Great review, lots of information for someone who doesn't know the artist before (that would be me!). Good stuff.