Saturday, November 28, 2015

Caught Live: Ringo Deathstarr, DLE, Acid Dad, Sharkmuffin, Baby Acid, Fruit + Flowers @ CMJ 2015

Thursday, October 15 began with a late afternoon show at emerging Brooklyn venue Our Wicked Lady

An official CMJ showcase presented by Noise Love and SugarmamaBK, a number of noteworthy emerging bands took the early stage.

Fruit and Flowers were particularly intriguing as some friends from previous shows covered were stepping out now on their own in this project.

Along with some new friends made at this show.

This song of theirs is particularly tasty.

Images too good to pass up


- - -

Baby Acid followed, and brought their own particular brand of Psych Rock to the stage.


Although the music played falls into a female vocal pop music category, guitars, bass and drums are delivered with a much harder edge.

That surely has everything to do with the dedicated creative tandem of guitarist Vadim and bassist/vocalist (and band visionary) Lindsey.

* * * * *

Contributing further to this afternoon's Brookyn "psych fest" was a set from the ever expanding universe of Acid Dad.

This band plays a more swingin' groove, hook-laden version of that psych sound.

There’s a touch of that “Madchester” vibe in their recorded works, in particular a Stone Roses-style vocal delivery on the song “Grim.”


- - -

Once again the magnetic presence of Sharkmuffin graced the stage.

Opening the show with their classic "Foul Play" immediately set the tone for a set even wilder than the one witnessed two days prior.


Play with the troll dolls

What I find most appealing is how they’ll go off on short-burst instrumental interludes, with Tarra mad-riff noodling like an amped-up jam band.


Tarra goes throw herself down . . .

. . . and prays to the God of Thunder.

Linz, Deano and The Croms check out the show.

* * * * *
Sticking to the night's game plan, I headed out to "slightly more legit than your average DIY space" Alphaville in Bushwick.

Catching the much adored (and already blogged about here more times than I can keep count) Ringo Deathstarr as the primary goal, the show also featured other long-time friends of this site.


Attending this band's shows every time they come back to New York is always an exciting event.

They've just released their fifth studio album "Pure Mood" and as expected this tour features a number of songs from it.

Listen to cascading three-quarter time vocals from dreamy Alex Gehring, while drummer Daniel rips mad drum rolls throughout the track “Guilt.”

Down Angel (Dumb Angel)


* * * * *

Just prior to the above performance, another long-time friend of this blog Dead Leaf Echo put on a dazzling show of sound and light projections.

The trajectory of their career has been covered numerous times both here at DCW and on The Deli Mag, and I'm always impressed with how they continue to evolve.


In addition to what seems like a constant touring schedule, the band continues to release new material.

Their latest song "Lemonheart" was recently released on Dallas, TX based label Moon Sound Records.

This night's live performance showed the band exhibiting a less gauzy, harder edged sound.


Leading up to that performance was yet-another familiar-to-this-site band, Lazyeyes

Jason and Jeremy remain as the core members, as the band continues to refine it's dreampop sound.

Opening the night were bands from the Toronto, Canada scene who release music on the Hand Drawn Dracula label.
- - -


Both Beliefs and Vallens had interesting sounds that fit right into my wheelhouse, and I found myself predictably drawn to the presence of guitarist Robyn Phillips.

Reviews of their latest works are now emerging, and although the words I would write might be somewhat different, and I can't disagree with what is already being stated.

* * * * *

Friday the 16th kicked off with the night show portion of The Deli Magazine Indie Showcase in Pianos showroom.

Arriving just in time to catch Eternal Summers' set just underway.

I've previously written about the professional network of producers and engineers contributing to their impeccable sounding recorded works in this blog here.

Counted among their fans would be this evenings very next act, who's primary figure - Drew Citron, was overhead calling out requests from the audience.

Once again, Beverly graced the stage of Pianos, playing their umpteenth CMJ show this week.

The room was packed (as expected on a Friday night) and a more streamlined version of the band played a looser set this go round.



After having reconnected with an old friend and band-mate from a number of years ago - we agreed to meet up here and catch up with each other.


I played drums in Justin's band back-in-the-day, and it was a somewhat surreal experience hanging out with him again after all this time.

We used to play gigs all around NYC at the same time Joey Ramone did.

This image was taken from a photo shoot we did at the time.  Check out those fancy jackets!

And this one too.

Taking a break from the tight spaces at Pianos, we headed over to nearby Katz's Deli for a quick bite to eat.

Along with the great food, the place is full of so much history, and the walls just covered with photos of celebrities who've frequented there.

Heading back to Pianos for one last performance, we caught the 2 am set from Brooklyn dreamrockers Ohnomoon.

After wandering around the streets a bit more, Justin and I headed our separate ways.  It was great to learn how he's had a long career as a painter and is still making new music as well.

* * * * *

Saturday the 17th would see this final night of CMJ commencing even later at night.

On the walk over to this evenings show at Rough Trade, a moment was taken to photocapture this magnificent mural out front of New York Martial Arts Academy on North 8th street.

After chattering with friends spotted inside, I caught the set from Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon and White Fence's Tim Presley, who've put together a band called Drinks.

 Though the surprisingly quality extended guitar jams (especially from Le Bon) were well worth experiencing, songs designed solely for their sonic weirdness felt like time wasted.

San Francisco Bay Area buddies of No Bunny - Shannon and the Clams were next, and I couldn't quite get their appeal.  Perhaps it was my desire to see the next act that kept me from fully grasping what they had to offer, but the overall initial sense was of a band playing a slightly camp version of garage-punk-doo-wop that lacked any of those genres real excitement.

Finally it was time for the main reason for being here at all - another show from the always glorious Ringo Deathstarr

Eager heads bobbed up towards the stage as the band whipped another Texas Tornado on Brooklyn.

Impressive high-quality on-screen video projections behind the band created a bigger time visual experience than the show at Alphaville just two day prior.

The band blazed through a ferocious set mixing brand new tracks with those from previous albums.

Psychedelic amoeba's always make the best backdrops.

Bassist/vocalist Alex's statuesque form suggest that all of those beverages there are not necessarily for her sole consumption.

Moving closer to the flame.
Releasing the Kraken

A view inside the engine room.

Serious jamming.

Paper plate flower power set list

* * * * *


Mirror said...

Wayne Craig Fredericks wrote:

Picture 83/83 is a Ringo Deathstarr set list! Cool- when I saw them a couple nights later in Boston they played their set without a written list. This looks right- lots of stuff off the new album. My favorite, at present, is "Stare at the Sun". Thanks.

DaveCromwell said...

Yeah, I like that one a lot too, Wayne. Along with “Guilt,” the song “Big Bopper” is a grabber as well. I know they often don’t have written out set lists, but I suppose with the new material they want to make sure enough of those tracks are included. Great new songs and always an exciting live performance from them!

ViewFromSpookysDoghouse said...

Hmm... very interesting Band Names and Song Titles.

ViewFromSpookysDoghouse said...

Holy Sharkmuffins, Batman! When did Sugarmama and Acid Dad have a Baby Acid? Is it too late to send a Fruit and Flowers basket to Our Wicked Lady? Or perhaps now they're so high in the Cinnamon Sky with joy (aka Noise Love) that they're orbiting with Ringo Deathstarr! But seriously, what kind of "Big" "Grim" "Secrets" are on these bands minds? Let's check out their set lists, shall we? Are the "Mermaid Sex Slaves" in revolt, and if they're seeing "Red" on your "First Date", will they "Shoot Ya Down" if you entangle your "Brain Body" with them? It doesn't sound like a "Soft Landing" to me. Rather, it sounds like one would become a victim of "Foul Play," to end up as a "Worm" that "The Digger" unearths? Be afraid. Be vewy afwaid.

DaveCromwell said...

Love the clever combination of band names, song titles and venues in your stream-of-conscious prose there, VFSD.

Creativity knows no bounds!

William said...

i am have readed your blog. Is good enjoy thwack and thrang of string fiddler and hit thing hard make thud thing.
is star wars theme this month yes? i always found the deathstarr supper scary - like what if that was in my backyard? it would scare my dog.
much friendship from australia yes!

DaveCromwell said...

Existing is going through the motions of life with no zeal and feeling you have no control; living means embracing all that this large world has to offer and not being afraid to take chances. The beauty of living is knowing you can always start over and there's always a chance for something better.

Mirror said...

Jasno Swarez wrote:

Great writeup overall. The phrasing and Kerouac one-offs are getting better and better with each new entry. Also like the addition of personal details, like having played Irving and those fancy jackets!

DaveCromwell said...

Cool of you to note all of that, Jasno. Kerouac is certainly a role model, along with Lester Bangs, Hunter Thompson and all those who followed after, similarly inspired. It's all cyclical and one informs the next.

Mirror said...

Bicho Dodgrs wrote:
my new band: Acid Muffin
December 7 at 5:11pm

Caroline Yoder of Fruit and Flowers wrote:
Here’s mine - Black acid beach muffin
December 7 at 5:23pm

Kevin Walker of Acid Dad wrote:
Fruit Dad
December 7 at 5:32pm

Vadim Baranov of Baby Acid wrote:
Acid Flowers
Baby Muffin
December 7 at 5:46pm

Bicho Dodgrs
Bicho Dodgrs adds:

Mill Vanilli Muffin
December 8 at 12:30pm

DaveCromwell said...

. . . And you will know us by the trail of our acid fruit muffins
Captain Baby
(An actual name - and a recent winner of The Deli Magazine monthly award).

We could have fun with possible band names forever! ;-)

Mirror said...

Kim Smith wrote:

One thing jumps out big to me for some reason and that's the Fruit and Flowers band, has a cool sound a somewhat 90's goth sound like Turquoise coulda been used on The Crow soundtrack. The other song they have posted Down Down Down is more rock, cool stuff I'd like to hear more.

Acid Baby has a pretty cool sound too, I like Got So High.

Sharkmuffin reminds me of Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

YOUR band monsieur, has a classic 80's vibe I love it.

Love Dead Leaf Echo too they have that awesome dreamy modern The Cure sound.

DaveCromwell said...

Nice breakdown on a lot of the artists featured here, Kimber. I like the whole "Fruit and Flowers/Crow Soundtrack" connection. Baby Acid and Sharkmuffin are two bands I always try to catch whenever I can. Thank you kindly for your mention of my own humble past as well. And for sure DLE works that classic late 80's through the 90's "Beautiful Noise" (the film covering the bands from that period) era sound.

Bruninha said...

Hello my dear friend , sorry my late again, but I never forget you. Come on!
The first Band Fruit & Flowers with music Turquoise is a band I would certainly have on my ipod , I like that idea seemed to be played inside a cave , like the tone of voice and the rhythm of the band.
I think it was a very good and enjoyable mix of hearing .
The second band BabyAcid also put on the iPod , including I follow on SoundCloud , is a band that combines the elements to me are essential , a good guitar and an insane drums , i love vocal, and how it blends with the band. Simply amazing!The third band Acid Dad with the Grim song comes on the same line the others, but this showed me a more built rhythm , this guitar over what prevails is the drums .
Really excited me .
The band Sharkmuffin is pretty cool, but for some reason reminded me of those high school bands , despite having a cool guitar , not excited me .
The Ringo Deathstarr has a very nice proposal that enchanted me , the band showed a very interesting pace. I loved
Moon Sound Records with music lemonheart not excited me , I thought it was more than I had ever heard no major changes . The band is good , they play well , but not messed with my world.

So that's my friend , I hope you like my comments , and as always you wrote brilliantly , and lacking words to describe your beautiful ability to bring the fantastic world of the stage so close our ears and our imagination.
I just love

A kiss